Nowadays, lithium-ion cells/batteries are used in plenty of digital devices. According to the asianage, the Li-Ion cells offer excellent performance at a fraction of the price. If you would like to keep your battery pack and extend its lifetime, we recommend that you follow the ideas given below. These hints will also safeguard your device from harm.batteries

Utilize the Ideal Charger

battery chargingWe all take decent care of our electronics, but we tend to discount the results of using the incorrect charger. When you purchase a charger, be certain that you choose the original charger. We recommend picking a high-quality charger. Ensure the charger also has overcharge protection.

Ordinarily, low-end chargers wind up overcharging the battery. What occurs is that the casing will heat up, which might decrease battery lifespan. When you take the batteries, prevent the contacts from touching metal things such as your car keys. This is important as you do not need to short circuit the batteries. In a worse situation, an explosion or fire may also happen.

Charge Before Use

As soon as you purchase a battery pack, be sure to charge it prior to using it. Lithium-ion batteries are pre-charged, which is unlike the regular batteries. Because they have a reduced self-discharge pace, be sure to charge your batteries.

The moment the charger provides you the index, you can remove the batteries and place them in your apparatus. Here, besides, it is important to be aware that these batteries will need to go through a minimum of three cycles before attaining their total capacity.

Recharge Batteries Before Storage

Leaving the cells without charging for long it may spoil. In this circumstance, be certain that you partly charge your battery package before placing it into your drawer for a month or two. If you’re likely to purchase a lithium-ion cell, be sure to comply with these strategies, it will help you prolong your battery life’s lifespan.