Nowadays, you can do the normal or rather simple video editing with your smartphone or a computer, but for integrated video editing, you have to purchase the best video editing computer. If your video content is 4k, 6k, or 8k, then the editing computer should have the capabilities of handling large amounts of data. Video editing can be quite challenging if you do not have the best computer. Some of the challenges you will find include lagging, your computer crashing now and then, etc. Below are the tips for choosing when buying a video editing computer.


video edittingThe central processing unit is a large determiner of the performance of your computer systems. The processor links all the parts of the computer, thus proving to be very crucial. A more powerful processor ensures faster transcoding and encoding clips, play footage, export video, and many more.

The features to look for in a processor are the core count and the clock speed. Most of the video editing programs are multi-threaded, allowing you to apply multiple processing cores simultaneously to speed up the video editing work. Between the two, the clock speed is more important since some of the editing programs cannot use all the cores. With a good clock speed, your program is able to draw enough horsepower even when using one or two cores.


The Random Access Memory is basically fast short-term data storage on your personal computer. RAM ensures smooth operation as well as instant accessibility of your play footage. This means that you will not have to wait for the data to download from the website or load from your hard drive.

If you are a video editor, the RAM’s main use in your computer will be to cache the preview of files to allow smooth play footage. If you are dealing with high-resolution content, then the more RAM you will need.

Video Card

The video card is also known as the graphic processing unit, and it takes instructions from the processor regarding the information that should be displayed on your screen. The video card has thousands of cores compared to the processor.

The graphic processing unit is very important since it improves editing performance. The accelerated tasks include live playback of the video card accelerated effects and faster RAM preview in programs such as After Effects.

With the video card, check the amount of dedicated video card memory, and the minimum should be 4 gigabytes if you are editing 4k or higher resolution. Moreover, the number of connections in the graphic processing unit also matters.

video editing


The storage drives house the operating system, your programs, cache data, virtual memory, and media files. If you are a video editor, you will need a storage drive that is large and very fast. You need to choose the best storage drive according to your workflow. You can get large storage drives with up to 15 terabytes, while there are those with an extremely fast transfer speed of up to 5000 megabytes per second.

In conclusion, the Processor, RAM Video card, and Storage are the most important features you look for when buying a video editing computer. The features mentioned have been explained in detail, and you will not have any doubts when choosing your best computer.