Best Parental Apps to Keep Tabs on Children’s Online Activity

Parental control applications for smartphones can help children understand the concept of restrictions that should not be overcome because of their safety in this digital world. The article from Knowtechie discusses four programs that could help every parent to protect their children from dangers online. In other words, these security programs could help educate children and prevent them from engaging in certain activities and receiving inappropriate content, such as writing SMS messages to strangers or viewing adult content, while respecting their privacy.

Qustodio Apps


Leading parental control applications offer strategies to limit time on a device, filter harmful words, videos, and images, monitor online behavior, protect children’s privacy, monitor usage, and location, and stop various applications or games when essential. The script also provides options to set time limits on how long children can stay on a site, track text, filter the boldest sites, and set time limits on virtually any game or application. It is relatively non-invasive but powerful – a wonderful management tool to use when handling devices for children of all ages. Plus, if a person is interested in protecting children on Amazon devices, they can work on the Kindle.

Norton Family Premier Apps

Norton Family Premier includes almost any functionality a parent may require from their mobile device management provider, and gives the parent control over many features on multiple devices. A parent may not be able to monitor all aspects of their child’s mobile usage. Still, when considering all the features of web filtering, application …

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