Super Useful Google Chrome Features You Never Knew You Need

Are you someone who’s constantly using Google Chrome? Whether it be for work, school, pleasure, or all of the above – we bet there are certain Google Chrome features like Dealhack that you’re still unaware of. Well look no further. We’ve put together a list of some of the coolest (and most useful) tricks you can do with your trusty web browser. From enhancing performance to streamlining tasks and improving personalization, these hidden gems will undoubtedly get you stoked to explore more. So go ahead and dive right in – let yourself ultimately become a part savvy surfer and master those unheralded parts of Chrome today.

Tab Grouping


Let’s start with a single, problematic question: are you tired of being overwhelmed by having too many tabs open? Tab Grouping is the answer. With this feature you can organize your browser’s tabs into categories and save them for later use. It’s simple to set up, just click on the Plus Sign at the top of your Chrome window and choose “Group Tabs.” Enter a name for the tab group, and voila. Your tabs are neatly organized and stored for future use. No more screaming off the top of your head every time you have too many tabs.

Split Screen Viewing

This one is especially useful for multitaskers. With Split Screen Viewing you can save time and effort by viewing two tabs at the same time. Click on the Plus Sign at the top of your Chrome window, and choose “Split Window.” …

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Google Chrome’s Best Features: Extensions

Chrome is the latest browser available on the Internet, and the “next big thing” in terms of add-ons and applications will probably be the Google Chrome extension, including the chrome flags.

Google Chrome

ipadWhen Chrome was originally released, it was pretty fast and had several features Internet users have been looking for for a long time. They realized that all the average online user was interested in was getting information quickly. It turned out that boot speed and flexibility for the individual were significant when surfing the net.

Chrome’s introduction was a big deal, but after a few months, it was hard to exceed the 5% threshold among generic users. The answer was an adaptation. It was a vast monopoly that would continue unchecked forever.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox started as an open-source project to develop a new, better, and faster browser to stop the disadvantages of Microsoft’s biography. IE was far from perfect, it was slow, and it was exposed to attacks by writers and virus producers who targeted the dominant vendor. Many individuals and associations invited Firefox and associations, especially by newbies, with technical knowledge who wanted to get more out of their product. Google itself spent by the non-profit organization that Firefox is growing, along with Netscape’s business, a shorter time.

Firefox was thriving, and its popularity has increased in recent years since regular online consumers realized that there was a replacement for using Internet Explorer at home and work. People started working to extend the functionality …

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