• From warming food pretty fast in microwaves, to making coffee with a coffeemaker and sharing info via various apps, just mentioning a few, technology has greatly made life easier.

But we can still use tech to make life easier a bit more. And that is the focus of this online page. 

Hacked Democracy discusses various useful appliances and machines that help to make work easier and life better. We look at the different alternatives and compare them to give you the information you need to decide wisely. We also look into the cutting edge tech that is bringing the future nearer like the autonomous car, and drones. We explore how they have made things like aerial photography and autonomous driving a reality. 

Computing is also an area that is changing lives massively, so we delve into it as we discuss the various desktops and laptops and the software and applications, cloud storage, and other concepts. 

We are also keen on informing you about the devices as they are being released into the market, and we review them to highlight their amazing features and downsides. You also get to know about the trends and shifts in the tech world.