Health Benefits Of Having A Beard

If you asked many men why they grow beards, they would tell you that they like the look and it gives them a more masculine touch. Only a few of them know that growing beards has a couple of health benefits, apart from making them look good. If you are in a lot of having a beard to look more masculine, then you may find this article interesting as I am going to share health benefits of having a beard.


Help prevent cancer

Recent studies have shown that beards block 95% of sun UV rays from your face. These rays can cause skin cancer. Having beards, therefore, prevents a bigger part of your face from direct sunlight exposure. For this matter, consider a thicker beard.

Reduction of allergy symptoms

If you are the type that has an allergy to pollen or dust, then growing beards may be a wise idea. Just like nose hair, your beard will act as a filter and hinder allergies from settling. It cleans up all the allergen particles and pollen grains, and this keeps them off your nose.

Keep you young forever

There is a paradox with beards: when one grows beards, they are told they look older, but actually, beards keep you looking younger instead. If you’re looking for a secret to keep looking younger, then grow facial hair. They help with lesser exposure to the sun, something that makes your skin show lesser signs of aging. Who wants to grow and look old anyway?

Moisturize your skin

If you are the person who does regular shaving, you may have noticed that your skin runs dry often. This is due to seasonal changes such as cold and heat- they cause skin dryness. Additionally, some of the cosmetics products that we apply to keep our skin moisturized can affect our skins adversely. A remedy to this is keeping your beards. This way, sebaceous glands that excrete a natural oil to moisturize your skin will not get eroded from constant use of a razor.

Prevent colds

When winter comes, colds increase. Lucky is the one who has an inbuilt face warmer already with them. Beards are going to insulate your face against outside temperatures, trap your body heat and keep both your neck and face warm. In this case, the longer the beard, the better.

Prevent infections

With a beard, you don’t have to worry about ingrowths, folliculitis (infection of hair follicles that leave spots) and bacterial infections. Such infections might be accelerated by regular shaving and so keeping beards might be a nice way to keep yourself away from such.