Top Vaginal Tightening Tips

vaginal tightening

Loose vagina contributes to low self-esteem in women. However, some of the reasons that cause vagina looseness include age, dryness, childbirth and the usual stretching of the vaginal muscles. Therefore, as you give birth and grow older, the vaginal muscles contraction and relaxation reduces. When vagina elasticity is loose, it causes discomfort and less enjoyment during sexual intercourse.

However, millions of women all over the world are suffering from vaginal looseness problems. Therefore, if you are one of them, the following are the top tips that you can employ to tighten your vaginal.

Kegel Exercise

kegel exercisesKegel exercise is whereby, you squeeze your pelvic muscles by holding for some few minutes then relax and you do this repeatedly. However, this exercise helps you to enjoy and feel comfortable during sexual intercourse. Kegel exercise is the most commonly used exercise that is used to tighten loose vagina during menopause and after giving birth. Besides, this exercise does not need too much attention since you can do it as you go on with your daily activities like, while in a meeting, driving or even talking.

Therefore, for good results, you need to perform this exercise on daily bases continuously for several months.

Vagina Gel And Cream

There are many types of gels and creams on the market which are used to tighten loose vagina. Therefore, while choosing the gel, you should consider the one that contains natural ingredients like Intivar. The Intivar consist of natural antibacterial and anti-fungal substances.

After applying the cream, you prevent dryness, retain moisture and increase your blood circulation around your vagina. Therefore, this helps in tightening the virginal muscles. However, keep off from products that contain alcohol, dyes, and chemical. To prevent allergic problems that cause loose muscles and skin, irritation, infection, and dryness.


Daily healthy diet helps to repair and strengthen pelvic muscles. Therefore, you should be ensuring a daily intake of estrogens which are present in soybeans, fenugreek, pomegranates, sesame seeds, wheat berries yarns carrots and apples. Also, include organic animal protein and wholegrain carbs. This diet will maintain the health of your inner muscles and keep it stable.


squattingThe collect way to do squatting is by standing and stretching your feet a bit. Your toes on 30 degrees then level your feet and bend slightly. Squatting can be of significant challenge. Therefore, it is advisable you hire a trainer to guide your step by step to avoid the risks associated with this exercise. Squatting helps you to regain your vaginal tightness in a very natural way. Squats are commonly known for toning buttocks, but they also help to make your virginal muscles very firm which enhances its tightness.


Vaginoplasty is a surgery that is conducted to tighten the loose vagina muscles. This process uses general anesthetic and takes 4-6 months to recover. The patient spends the night at the clinic for the surgery. However, the operation has various side effects like an allergic reaction, bleeding excessively, or death. Therefore, surgery is supposed to be the last decision you make after trying all other methods that you can use to tighten your vagina.